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Our Introduction


China House is a social enterprise that helps young Chinese participate in global sustainable development. We work on projects relating to conservation, community development, sustainable Belt And Road Initiative (BRI) development, and youth engagement.


Founded in Kenya in 2014 and incubated by Columbia University's Development Practice program, we are registered in China and  now based in Shanghai. We conduct research and projects in collaboration with governments, NGOs, academic institutions and enterprises, to help China integrate into global sustainable development. 


Our previous projects include helping Masai girls against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya, orangutan rescue in Indonesia, and helping Chinese overseas companies design and run Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Our Mission

To cultivate global vision, global competence, and global citizenship in young Chinese.

Our Vision


To build a bridge for communication and partnership between China and the rest of the world.

Our Business Model


  1. We identify a global sustainable development challenges, and organizations working on these issues, and establish project cooperation;

  2. We develop "project-based learning" activities from such cooperation, and recruit young Chinese  to participate (sometimes we subsidize the costs);

  3. Achieve "triple-win":

  • Positive impact on the sustainable development challenge;

  • Professional development of the young Chinese participants;

  • China House uses social enterprise model to sustain itself.

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