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Kenyan Anti - Poaching Patrol Project


July 2014 - Ongoing


Various locations in Kenya


African Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), etc.


Amidst the African wilderness, hidden among the landscape's natural beauty, lie treacherous snares, lurking in the bushes, grass, canopies, and around tree trunks, where unsuspecting animals unwittingly fall victim to these perilous traps, their panic only intensifying the snares' deadly grip, resulting in a tragic toll of countless animals succumbing to painful infections. Kenya witnesses this grim reality, with nearly 100 lions annually meeting their demise in these unforgiving traps. Zebras, antelopes, African buffaloes, majestic giraffes, and many other magnificent creatures share this heart-wrenching fate.

These sinister snares are intricately entwined with the illicit Bushmeat trade, a shadowy industry driven by the profit garnered from the sale of illegally hunted wildlife. Poachers profit by blending wild animals' meat with livestock, motivated solely by financial gain. An alarming report from the African Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), a dedicated local wildlife conservation organization, unveils the unsettling truth that a staggering 40% of the meat available in Nairobi's markets originates from this unlawful trade in Bushmeat.


Volunteer Force for Wildlife Protection: Since our inception in 2014, in partnership with ANAW, we have been tirelessly mobilizing volunteers to serve in natural reserves around Nairobi, where they engage in the critical mission of removing snares set by poachers and rescuing wildlife ensnared by these lethal devices. Presently, our ranks boast over 1,000 dedicated volunteers from China and Kenya. Together, they conduct more than 50 patrols and snare-cutting tours, removing over 5,000 snares.

Fundraising Milestone: Aiding Wildlife Guardians: In a significant milestone achieved in May 2021, our students masterminded a successful online fundraising event, generating approximately $2,500 in funds. These funds are earmarked to provide crucial support to anti-poaching personnel and procure essential patrol tools and medical supplies essential for the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in need.


Thanks For Your Donation!

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