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Academic learning is an important part of our PBL projects. Thus, to ensure the level of academic rigor in our teaching, China House’s academic curriculum is designed to meet the teaching standards of world top universities. Our curriculum is constantly being reviewed and updated by our faculty advisory team made up of professors from top universities and other experts in their fields.   

From initial curriculum planning, academic mentor matching and topic selection, to research proposal reviews, field research training, and research data analysis, China House’s academic team assists our students at every step of the way.

We uphold the highest level of academic integrity and have a zero-tolerance policy to academic plagiarism in our students’ research. All published student research goes through a robust process of peer review by our academic mentors to ensure its quality and originality.


Our lead faculty team is made of industry practitioners and top experts from their respective academic fields.

China House conducts intensive screening of all our teaching staff including lecturers, teaching assistants, and research associates.  

Our faculty will ensure the letters of recommendation students receive at the end of projects actually reflect their academic abilities and potential.

China House is in partnership with Special A 

China House 

China House is an independent educational social enterprise that aims to further integrate China into global sustainable development efforts through youth engagement. 


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