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China House, or "Global Citizen Action," is a social enterprise that aims to connect China with global sustainable development in order to address some of the most pressing challenges in the world.

  •   To address global challenges with global efforts

We work on some of the most pressing global sustainable development challenges through collaboration with our partners and colleagues across the globe.

  •   To integrate China into global sustainable development

We work with international partners to understand China’s engagement in the global south and to engage related Chinese stakeholders regarding sustainable development.

  •   To cultivate global citizenship among the youth

We run youth programs to help young people learn about sustainable development and become global citizens who could then contribute to global sustainable development.

Our Mission

To help the world understand and engage Chinese stakeholders on global sustainable development.

Our Vision


To build a bridge for communication and partnership between China and the rest of the world.

​Our Advantage

1. We have rich experiences working in Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia.

2. We have been a reliable partner for many international organizations such as WWF, IIED, IUCN, Oxfam, John Hopkins University, and Wits University when it comes to understanding Chinese overseas businesses in the global south.


3. We have helped hundreds of international partners in the global south build up their knowledge and connection with Chinese stakeholders.


4. As one of the first Chinese organizations to work on global sustainable development, due to a large amount of media coverage in China, we are very well known among Chinese people interested in global sustainable development.

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