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 Core of Our Mission 

At the core of our mission is the aspiration to nurture a new generation of global citizens who are not only well-informed about the world's challenges but also actively involved in seeking solutions.

 How Youth Project Operates 

1. Online Training (8 hours):

International development and global competitiveness skills courses.

2. Online Research (20-40 hours):

Perform desk research, conduct in-depth interviews and questionnaires, compile and analyze online research results.

3. Field Research (7-10 days): 

Visit project sites, conduct in-depth interviews/questionnaires with stakeholders, identify potential solutions to specific challenges, completion of field research articles/reports/documentaries/photographs, etc.

4. Charitable Activities (2 month - 1 year):

Implement charitable initiatives based on research findings.

 Our Multifaceted Approaches 

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