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We provide research consultation services to academic institutions, NGOs, and think tanks on topics related to overseas Chinese businesses and sustainable development.

Research on 
of Chinese Overseas Businesses

Time: 2014 - present

Location: Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, etc.

Partner: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), WWF, John-Hopkins University, Fudan University, etc.


Intro:  This project wishes to objectively gain knowledge about Chinese overseas businesses’ impacts on local sustainable development alongside the Belt and Road Initiative, and therefore explores the question of how Chinese overseas businesses could enhance their communication with international stakeholders and better integrate into local sustainable development. Our specific actions are as follows: 

  • We collaborated with IIED to complete a study on the impact of Chinese mining, agriculture, and forestry industries on African sustainable development.

  • We collaborated with WWF to complete a study on the sustainable development of Chinese mining in East Africa.

  • China House collaborated with John-Hopkins University to complete a study comparing labor practices between Chinese companies and American companies in Kenya.

  • We worked with Fudan University to study how Africans perceive China and Chinese businesses during COVID-19. The report studied Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Zambia and explored how local people in these countries perceive China. The report was published on the Fudan Belt and Road Forum.

Click on the images below to read some of our research reports.

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