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Our Alumni

My experience in Africa helped me find my passion for travelling the world while conducting field research. My current research interests include wildlife conservation, minority group empowerment and international development. In my college application process, I wrote about what I experienced in Africa and how it changed my pre-conceptions of the developing world. This experience helped build the foundation for applying to the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

—  Yuan, Columbia University


Alumni Admission Results 

China House's impact-driven field PBL programs tend to attract young people with a remarkable sense of empathy for others and who are eager to explore the wider world.  It is their genuine interest in making the world a better place while expanding their horizons that have drawn these talented young people from different backgrounds to China House.


Our alumni tend to leverage their PBL experiences and program outcomes in their college applications and they tend to do exceptionally well in later in life.



Alumni Stories

Alumni Events 

China House also hosts alumni events periodically to bring alumni together and provide networking opportunities in fun, informal and relaxed settings. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow our social media page for more upcoming alumni events!

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