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Enhancing Lives: China House's Dedication to Pneumoconiosis Rehabilitation

Pneumoconiosis is a lung disease caused by inhaling mineral dust at work. It leads to irreversible lung damage, respiratory issues, and complications like tuberculosis. The Rehabilitation Center plays a vital role in pneumoconiosis recovery.

"Patients here become more active in rehab. Even if they don't join, they chat, easing their mental stress," said President Xiao of the Xingjian Volunteer Association.

"They come here to alleviate worries. Initially, they came casually, but now they dress neatly, treating it as a ritual to manage their emotions," added Xiao.

Mr. Ding, aged 57, said, "I've made friends here. I come to talk and feel happy."

Established in April 2018 in Jiangxi Province, the center is funded by Love Save Pneumoconiosis, operated by Pingxiang City Xingjian Public Welfare Volunteers Association, and supported by Liangfang Health Center.

Since November 2021, China House has sponsored the Liangfang Rehabilitation Center in Lianhua County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. Their support covers the salaries of a Rehabilitation Doctor (RMB 2,500/month) and a Rehabilitation Specialist (RMB 1,000/month) to enhance medical care.

To date, the center has served over 300 pneumoconiosis-afflicted farmers in Lianhua County, providing significant support. As China's first NGO-sponsored Pneumoconiosis Rehabilitation Center, it has pioneered an effective operational model, inspiring others.

In 2021, Love Save Pneumoconiosis's sponsorship ended, challenging the center's sustainability. From November 2021, we funded key staff to ensure daily operations and better care.

Till now, this center has conducted 60+ rehab activities, aiding 1500+ patients. They provided health checks, medication advice, and supervised exercises. They also distributed essential items to patients. Additionally, they supported 49 patients through home visits and helped many apply for assistance. The center encouraged daily rehab exercises via WeChat. More than 3000+ check-ins were recorded.

We hope that in the future, the Liangfang Rehabilitation Center can continue its operations and provide even more support to local pneumoconiosis-afflicted farmers.

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