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From Pangolin Eater to Wildlife Protector: A Chinese Millionaire in South Africa

"I should stop eating pangolin since I have done this wildlife conservation event and have made my commitment."

In South Africa, there's a story of change that started with a Chinese business leader. He attended a conference by China House (Global Citizen Action) and had a revelation.

At dinner, he shared a surprising secret. He used to eat pangolin, and he wasn't alone. Many Chinese people in South Africa did the same. He even mentioned a Chinese restaurant serving pangolin dishes.

This man, known for his kindness and community leadership, was deeply affected by the conference. He understood the importance of improving China's image in Africa and countering negative stereotypes.

So, he made a promise that night. He decided never to eat pangolin again. He also confronted the restaurant owner about serving pangolins and encouraged fellow Chinese to protect wildlife.

This transformation didn't happen overnight. China House has been working in South Africa since 2015, aiming to educate and raise awareness. They organized events and activities involving thousands of Chinese residents. Their message reached many more through posters.

At first, most Chinese people they met had little knowledge about pangolins. Some had eaten them before, thinking they were just another type of food. Others didn't see the need to protect these animals, but as the conference went on, minds started to change. People who had eaten pangolin promised to stop. Some even decided to support pangolin conservation efforts.

In South Africa, this Chinese Millionaire's story shows that with knowledge and empathy, people can change. One man's decision to protect pangolins sends a powerful message about the importance of wildlife conservation.

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