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Xinjiang Women's Economic Empowerment Initiative


December 2020 - Ongoing


Kashgar and surrounding cities, Xinjiang, China


ShenZhen Municipal Pair Support Xinjiang (Kashgar) Soical Work Station


In Xinjiang, numerous minority women find themselves in need of support and empowerment, particularly concerning economic opportunities, gender equality, and the prevention of domestic violence. These women face unique challenges that require targeted assistance to enhance their quality of life.


To address these pressing issues and empower minority women in Xinjiang, we have partnered with local organizations on a transformative initiative. This initiative centers around the provision of donkeys to assist women in generating income and improving their family's socio-economic status. Additionally, we are actively seeking volunteers to assist working mothers in factories by caring for their children. Through these collaborative efforts, we aim to uplift the lives of minority women in Xinjiang, fostering economic independence and gender equality within the region.

◎ Economic Empowerment through Animal Husbandry: In Beshkranmu Township, Kashgar, we have been instrumental in supporting local ethnic minority women from disadvantaged backgrounds. We have provided them with the means to develop animal husbandry by distributing high-quality local breeds of Jiangyue donkeys and Dolan sheep. These animals not only serve as a source of income when sold, but we have also implemented a sustainable approach. The first offspring born from the distributed livestock is passed on to another needy family, creating a cycle of self-help. To ensure the well-being of the animals and enhance the women's capacity to care for them, our partnered local charity organizations conduct regular visits and provide training. To date, our program has successfully donated 23 donkeys, 30 sheep, and a breeding ram to local women in need.

◎ Childcare and Education Support: In Shenzhen Industrial Park, Kashgar, we have recruited and trained dedicated volunteers who have worked alongside local staff to provide essential childcare services for a cumulative total of over 240 hours. Our volunteers engage children in creative activities such as drawing, singing children's songs, and narrating picture stories, broadening their horizons and nurturing their growth. Additionally, recognizing the educational needs of middle and high school students who lacked access to cram schools and had challenges with English, we initiated a Learning Support Community in September 2022. This community connects these students with volunteers from international schools in Shenzhen and Xi'an who generously offer their time to address study-related queries and provide academic assistance.

◎ Humanitarian Aid: We have extended crucial financial assistance to those facing dire circumstances. Notably, we provided RMB 17,000 in support to a Uyghur woman suffering from cancer, who lacked a minimum income. This assistance aimed to alleviate her financial burden during a challenging time. Furthermore, we allocated RMB 2,050 to renovate a family's bathroom, significantly enhancing their living conditions and overall quality of life.


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