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 Guardians of Wildlife: Our Undercover Investigative Team 

For a considerable time, Chinese individuals were often portrayed negatively in the context of the global wildlife trade, as they contributed to the demand for products such as ivory, rhino horn, jaguar teeth, and more. Many conservation NGOs sought to gain deeper insights into the involvement of Chinese stakeholders in the wildlife trade but faced significant challenges due to language and cultural barriers. These hurdles led to misunderstandings surrounding the trade and, consequently, hindered effective efforts to combat it.

In 2014, we took a pioneering step by establishing a small Chinese investigation team dedicated to combating the worldwide illegal wildlife trade. Through strategic partnerships with conservation NGOs across the globe, we embarked on collecting crucial information. Leveraging the insights we gained, we collaborated closely with our partners to develop impactful communication initiatives aimed at engaging relevant stakeholders in the fight against illegal wildlife trade.


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"The Ivory Game" is an award-winning documentary film that delves into the complex and dangerous world of wildlife trafficking, specifically focusing on the illegal ivory trade.


Our founder Hongxiang Huang actively participated as an undercover investigator, bravely posing as a potential ivory buyer in an audacious attempt to expose the ruthless illegal ivory sellers and traffickers who threaten the existence of elephants and other endangered species. 



Hongxiang Huang

Wildlife Trade Investigator

Featured in Oscar-shortlisted Netflix Documentary

the Ivory Game

Join us in our unwavering commitment to safeguard Earth's natural treasures, ensuring they thrive for generations to come.

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