Program Types 


Field PBL

Human-elephant conflicts in Yunnan

Myanmar women and children in Yunnan

African community in Guangzhou


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Online PBL

Anti female genital mutilation in Kenya

Help pneumoconiosis patients in Jiangxi

Global wildlife NGOs case study 


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Personalized PBL

Raccoon dog habitat in Shanghai

Psychological consultation NGOs in China

Real Estate in Philippines


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Field PBL

Perfect for: high school students (age 16 and above); undergraduate and postgraduate students

Project length: 4-6 weeks • 3 pre-departure online lectures • 10 days field research • post field research online follow-up sessions.

Field PBL programs are led by experienced researchers and are centered around the broad topic of sustainable development, conservation, or BRI. Students can choose a central research question as the guiding topic of their field PBL program. China House works closely with local communities so students can have meaningful interactions and open dialogues with local people. Field PBL programs expose students to multiple perspectives and help them gain a more nuanced understanding of global issues. Students will also be able to publish and showcase their project outcomes in academic journals or other internationally recognized platforms. When applying to college, graduate school, or even pursuing a career, an impressive research experience is always a great way to stand out.

In addition to the academics, field PBL allows students to learn through cross-cultural dialogues,  cultural exposure, from the real-life experience of practitioners. 

Learning through Dialogue
Learning from Practitioners
Learning from Cultural Exposure 

Online PBL

Perfect for: high school students (age 16 and above); undergraduate and postgraduate students; professionals with a keen interest in the subject matter

Project length: 3-6 weeks • 1-2 online lectures every weekend • 1-2 online workshops per week. ​

Online PBL programs are taught by experts from the world’s top universities/research institutions and senior-level industry leaders/practitioners.


Online PBL not only helps students to gain professional knowledge of contemporary international issues but also allows them to produce impactful results that showcase their learning outcomes.


Our online PBL courses are a combination of 1) project workshop; 2) topical discussion and 3) skills training.


Examples for online PBL courses include conducting remote research in collaboration with our field correspondents, participating in Capstone Projects for international organizations, organizing fundraisers for charitable causes, quantitative and qualitative research skills training, etc.


Our online PBL courses provide a great opportunity for students and adults who want to effectively utilize their spare time by learning new topics and enhancing their skill sets.

Personalized PBL

Perfect for: anyone with a specific topical/geographical interest

Project length: flexible

Personalized programs are one of China House’s unique strengths, as it unlocks unlimited program possibilities for students to explore. China House’s project instructors will help students design custom-made programs based on their expectations, strengths, personal interests, fields of study, past experiences, and future goals. Personalized programs can be completed individually or in small groups. Upon request, students can decide on the program topics, length, and destinations, as well as receive intensive pre-departure academic support and relevant training.  In some cases, China House will provide up to 2 years of post-project support for personalized programs.     

How does it work?

Global Study Tour 

Perfect for: children aged 12 and above, school groups, or family groups


Project length: standard programs are for 10 days; flexible length upon special request


As an experiential trip that combines education with entertainment, the global study tour helps children and teens to observe the world with their own eyes. In addition to the educational and social service activities, participants can visit the local landmark attractions, enjoy nature’s beauty and experience the local culture.

Service Learning 

Perfect for: young adults aged 18+ or teens with chaperones 

Project length: flexible

"Service-learning" refers to our global volunteering program, which in essence is the combination of high-quality volunteerism and eco-tourism. This is not the typical badge collecting “voluntourism” wrapped under the “savior complex”. Our services learning program is committed to making actual sustainable impacts in the destination communities.


Other programs