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Empowering Kenyan Refugee Women: Bridging the Digital Divide


July 2023 - Ongoing


Various locations in Kenya


Multiple partners


Refugee women in Kenya lacking computer skills hail from diverse backgrounds, with many having experienced displacement due to conflicts, violence, and humanitarian crises in countries like Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Often deprived of formal education and facing economic challenges, they rely on humanitarian aid while struggling with limited access to gainful employment. Computer literacy is increasingly crucial in the digital age, and these women's lack of it compounds their difficulties in securing work and self-reliance.


China House's collaboration with AMREF in supporting refugee girls in Kenya through computer donations is making a significant impact. It provides these women with access to valuable computer skills, enhances their employability, promotes digital inclusion, and sets a high standard for the quality of donated laptops. This initiative is a meaningful step toward empowering refugee women to build brighter futures for themselves and their families.

◎ Access to Computer Skills: By supplying computers to the Refugee Women's Support Center, China House is helping refugee women gain access to computer education. These computer skills are invaluable in today's digital world and can significantly improve their employment prospects.

◎ Enhancing Employability: Refugee women, often facing limited employment opportunities, can use their newly acquired computer skills to seek better jobs. This initiative equips them with the tools needed to improve their financial stability and independence.

◎ Digital Inclusion: China House's support contributes to digital inclusion by bridging the digital divide that many refugee communities face. Access to computers and computer training empowers these women to participate more fully in the digital age.

◎ Promoting Sustainable Solutions: China House's initiative addresses immediate needs and promotes long-term sustainability. By providing computer skills, they empower refugee women to be self-reliant and adaptable in an increasingly digital world.


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