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Empowering Kenyan Women: Bridging Opportunities with the Chinese Market


July 2017 - Ongoing


Kasigau and other areas in Kenya


Euphrasia Women Center, etc.


Since July 2017, in collaboration with local Kenyan NGOs such as the Euphrasia Women's Center and others, we have undertaken a mission to alleviate poverty and unemployment among African women. Our primary focus has been to empower these women by enabling them to sell their products to the Chinese market.


Our ongoing collaboration with Kenyan NGOs and our commitment to helping women in Africa access the Chinese market has resulted in tangible and significant impacts, including increased sales, economic empowerment, skill development, and long-term sustainability for these women.

◎ Market Access: We have successfully led a group of students in partnership with local NGOs to organize a series of business marketing campaigns targeting the Chinese market. Through these campaigns, we facilitated access for Kenyan women to a vast consumer base, bridging the gap between their products and Chinese consumers.

◎ Sales Revenue: These efforts have resulted in substantial sales revenue, with over USD 5,000 generated through these campaigns. This income has had a direct and positive impact on the economic well-being of the women involved, helping them address poverty and financial challenges.

◎ Economic Empowerment: By facilitating access to the Chinese market, we have contributed to women's economic empowerment in Kasigau and other areas in Kenya. This empowerment goes beyond mere income generation; it empowers women to build sustainable livelihoods and improve their overall quality of life.

◎ Skill Development: Our initiatives have also provided opportunities for women to develop and enhance their entrepreneurial and marketing skills. These newly acquired skills not only help them sell products to China but can also be applied to various other business endeavors.

◎ Long-term Sustainability: By creating pathways for women to access the Chinese market, we are laying the foundation for long-term economic sustainability. This helps in breaking the cycle of poverty and provides a more promising future for these women and their communities.


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