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Empowering Myanmar Refugee Girls: Education and Transformation


Aug 2023 - Ongoing


Bangkok and Mae sot, Thailand


New Blood School, Raks Thai, etc.


The 2021 military coup in Myanmar triggered extensive conflict and violence, prompting families to flee for safety. Many of these displaced families found themselves without legal status in Thailand, which in turn led to economic struggles and increased susceptibility to exploitation. This disruption also had a profound impact on the children's education, forcing many of them to prematurely abandon their schooling, casting a shadow over their future prospects.


China House and its students have played a significant role in empowering Myanmar refugee girls on the Thai-Myanmar border, particularly through their support of Minmahaw School.

◎ Scholarship Opportunities: Through Minmahaw School, China House has facilitated scholarship opportunities for refugee students to continue their education. These scholarships have opened doors that would have otherwise remained closed to these young individuals.

◎ Supporting Local Teachers: China House's support extends to the teachers at Minmahaw School, many of whom are long-term volunteers. This aid helps ensure the school can continue providing quality education to refugee students despite financial constraints.

◎ Fostering Growth and Empowerment: The support provided by China House fosters growth and empowerment among refugee youth. By sponsoring students' education expenses and living costs, they are helping these students overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

◎ Expanding Opportunities: China House encourages others to join in supporting Minmahaw School and its students. By expanding opportunities for sponsorship and assistance, they aim to make a more significant impact in this challenging community, offering hope and dreams for the future.


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