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Ending Period Poverty in Kenya: A Commitment to Dignity


September 2019 - Ongoing




RefuSHE, etc.


Since September 2019, we have been dedicated to raising funds and awareness to address the pressing issue of "period poverty" in Kenya, which affects women and children enduring long-term poverty.


Our ongoing commitment to addressing period poverty in Kenya, in partnership with organizations like RefuSHE, has yielded tangible results. By raising funds, providing sanitary towels, and supporting those affected, we are making significant strides in bringing an end to this form of hardship and empowering women and children to live with dignity and confidence.

◎ Fundraising Success: Our students, fueled by compassion, successfully raised USD 2,000 to address period poverty in Kenya. This financial support has been instrumental in providing much-needed relief to those affected.

◎ Sanitary Towel Donations: A significant portion of the funds was directed towards the purchase of sanitary towels, ensuring access to menstrual hygiene products. These donations play a crucial role in restoring dignity and comfort to women and adolescents facing period poverty.

◎ Supporting RefuSHE: We contributed to the commendable efforts of RefuSHE, an NGO dedicated to aiding refugee women and children in Kenya. Our donations have bolstered their initiatives, offering relief to a particularly vulnerable segment of the population.

◎ Direct Community Impact: Beyond our partnership with RefuSHE, we directly reached out to women and adolescents within Kenyan communities, ensuring that those in need receive the support they require.

◎ Beneficiary Reach: Through these collective actions, we have positively impacted the lives of more than 1,000 people. This signifies a substantial step toward alleviating the challenges associated with period poverty.


Thanks For Your Donation!

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