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Indonesian Orangutan Conservation


August 2017 - Ongoing


East Kalimantan, Indonesia


COP (Centre for Orangutan Protection), CAN Borneo (Conversation Action Network Borneo)


In the heart of Indonesia's lush wilderness, a magical realm of majestic orangutans and captivating wildlife faces a grave threat. The pristine rainforests, teeming with life, have been endangered by the relentless march of oil palm plantations, mining operations, and rampant logging.


To conserve orangutans, we are working with CAN Borneo, a local NGO, to establish the first wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center in Indonesia. The center will provide rescue, medical care, and rewilding training for homeless wildlife and help them return to their habitat. Meanwhile, we are working to protect natural habitats of wildlife and promote sustainable economic development in local communities.

◎ BASE CAN, established in 2020 through the collaboration of China House and CAN Borneo, marks the pioneering effort of a Chinese civil society organization to support a wildlife sanctuary in Southeast Asia partially.

◎ China House contributed over USD 15,000 to support the rescue center.

◎ We financed a nursery currently cultivating 85,000 seedlings, poised to rejuvenate 100 hectares of vital forest habitat for orangutans.

◎ A dedicated Chinese website was created for CAN, facilitating engagement with Chinese supporters.

◎ These initiatives have led to the rescue and protection of various species, including sun bears, gibbons, pangolins, and more.


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