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Transforming girls and youth in Kashgar, Xinjiang


December 2020 - Ongoing


Kashgar and surrounding cities, Xinjiang, China


ShenZhen Municipal Pair Support Xinjiang (Kashgar) Soical Work Station


In Xinjiang, minority youth and girls encounter unique challenges and opportunities that encompass various aspects of their lives, including personal development, vocational skills, and comprehensive sexual education.


To empower the minority youth and girls in Xinjiang and provide them with a valuable education, we have launched a transformative program. This initiative is designed to enhance their economic prospects and promote gender equality. Through close collaboration with local partners, our goal is to create pathways for these young individuals to achieve self-reliance and social progress. By implementing innovative projects and targeted educational initiatives, we are committed to bringing about positive change and improving the prospects of Xinjiang's minority youth and girls.

◎ Digital Empowerment Through Computer Donations: Our computer fundraising campaign yielded 49 computers, which were distributed to various beneficiaries. We donated 29 computers to college students in Beshkranmu Township, equipping them with essential tools for their studies. Additionally, 15 computers were provided to the 27th Primary School in Kashgar, enabling local teachers to incorporate technology into their teaching methods. We further extended support by donating 3 computers to village committees across 18 villages in Beshkranmu Township, facilitating villagers' and staff' daily use of computers. Finally, two computers were contributed to local nonprofit organizations in Kashgar, aiding frontline social workers in their crucial work.

◎ Adolescent Physical Health Education: Beginning in 2023, we partnered with social workers to conduct adolescent health education and sexual abuse prevention activities in rural areas of Kashgar, primarily for girls from single-parent, disadvantaged, or left-behind families. We successfully organized two sessions prior to this project, with each session accommodating 30 girls in grades 4-6, totaling 60 participants. During each session, we conducted five lessons covering physiological changes during puberty, hygiene habits, appropriate adolescent behavior, and sexual abuse prevention. At the conclusion of each event, we distributed sanitary napkins (daily, nighttime, and pads), children's underwear, panties, sulfur soap, regular soap, and student-designed menstrual record books to the girls.

Simultaneously, we launched the "The Power of a Sanitary Napkin" campaign in collaboration with the sanitary napkin brand "Besshut." By September 2023, we had received over 1,700 packs of hygienic napkins donated by BESHUTE and its users, with the first batch of 812 packs going to 231 sixth-grade girls at the 27th Primary School in Kashgar. The remaining products will be distributed in conjunction with spring education activities.

◎ Career Development Workshops and Educational Support: Our team conducted five "career development workshops" for young individuals in two townships within Kashgar. These workshops played a crucial role in assisting dozens of Uyghur and middle school students with career planning. Moreover, we provided support to four college students, enabling them to participate in a two-month "self-awareness" campaign designed to help them discover their full potential.

◎ Collaboration with Charity Organizations: We collaborated with a charitable organization to support two ethnic minority college students attending the "Northwest College Students Creativity Summit" in Yinchuan.

◎ Additionally, we supported the tuition fees of three university students from disadvantaged families, totaling RMB 15,582 in financial assistance.

◎ Medical and Financial Assistance: Our students raised RMB 50,000 for a Uyghur teenager requiring surgery for a tumor and RMB 11,800 for the rehabilitation of a 10-year-old boy with cerebral palsy.


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