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For Schools and Educators

School trips, class trips, and expeditions

If your school is looking for unique educational field trips, look no further, China House offers customized group PBL projects such as expedition field trips, service-learning trips, and global study tours for schools at a special discount. 

If you are a teacher wanting to inspire your students to become global citizens who care about international affairs, you can encourage your students to join our PBL programs, or you can go with them too (for free!). China House offers free all-inclusive travel opportunities for educators/ college counselors to bring a group of students on field PBL trips as chaperones.

Start a chapter of China House Global Citizen Club at your school

If you want to enhance your students’ learning experience beyond the classroom, if you want to help your students develop their academic, professional, and personal skills to a more advanced level, if you want to keep your students engaged with current affairs, the China House Online PBL program is perfect for all these goals.  China House offers a variety of  PBL courses and projects on the most dynamic and contemporary topics of our time.

Diversify your curriculum

China House is launching a special youth engagement initiative aiming to promote the global sustainable development agenda. China House seeks to support young global citizens across the country to organize events on their campus and in their communities to: mobilize advocates for environmental conservation, human development and sustainable BRI; raise public awareness about global issues; educate young people about sustainable development; and create lasting change in their communities. More information coming soon.

Co-host a topical project-based learning competition

If your school is interested in hosting a PBL competition among your students or with other schools, China House can help host the PBL workshops, develop the competition rubric, find expert judges, and help publish the end products on world-renowned publication websites.

Research assistant recruitment

If you are a college professor or an academic researcher looking for a (remote or onsite) student research assistant, China House can help you recruit and find the perfect Research Assistant from our vast student body and alumni networks. China House will also provide research assistant training for our students.

Research partnership

If you are a college professor or an academic researcher looking for research collaboration in any area of our expertise (within the scope of BRI), feel free to reach out to us. China House is open to collaboration in areas such as (not limited to) data collection and data analysis.

NGOs and Think Tanks


If your organization is looking for volunteers to help with social impact projects, China House can help you build sustainable volunteering practices by developing services learning programs around your volunteering needs.  


If your organization is looking to conduct research on BRI, China House provides research consultation services for NGOs, development organizations, and think-tanks on topics related to overseas Chinese business practices and sustainable development. Some of our research is done by our in-house research teams while other research is completed in conjunction with our student’s PBL projects.

Capstones and project-based work

Is your organization looking for pro-bono consultancy services or other project-based work provided by students from top schools? China House can help you assemble a team of students with relevant backgrounds. China House will also provide consultancy training or project delivery training to all our students based on your project needs.

Other project-based work includes: film promotional videos for your organization, help you design websites, host events, write blog posts and reports, canvassing and campaigning, other creatives works, etc.   


If your organization is looking for interns (summer/ winter/ semester/ short & long term/ onsite or remote) to do project-based work, China House can help you find the perfect candidate(s). China House will provide professional training for all our interns to ensure a high level of professionalism before they start the job. 


If your organization would need help with fundraising, China House can mobilize our students through PBL projects to help your organization create online fundraising campaigns, host fundraising events, and promote other fundraising efforts.


Corporate Social Responsibility collaborations

If you are a Chinese company with operations overseas wanting to better integrate into the local community, China House can help you design Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects based on such needs.

If your company wants to engage your employees in social impact and life-long learning initiatives, China House also offers special PBL programs related to your CSR topics at a discount rate.

Other professional collaborations

We welcome all collaboration proposals in the area of marketing, admissions, social impact, conservation of wildlife and others.



If you want to give coverage to China House’s work via interview or other means, please get in touch with our media team for more information.

Other professional collaborations

If you are a media organization who is interested in reposting our original research or opinion articles, please get in touch with our media team before reposting.


Work with us
Donate to our initiatives

If you want to make a difference, you can support our social impact initiatives and our NGO partners through donations.

Fund our scholarships

If you want to help financially constrained students to participate in our PBL projects and break down educational barriers, you can donate to our Global Citizen Scholarship funds.


Invite the found and CEO of China House as a guest speaker at events.

Reach out to us if you would like to invite Mr. Huang Hongxiang as a guest speaker at an event to talk about his environmental activism work.

Event collaborations

Reach out to us if your company/organization would like to collaborate on events related to our areas of work.

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Thanks for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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