Initiative overviews

As a social enterprise, China House has three main social impact initiatives under its wing, including: conservation, human development, and sustainable BRI.

Our initiatives are conducted through students’ PBL programs as well as our own in-house CSR projects. 

China House also donates a portion of its program profits to our NGO partners on a regular basis.

For more information on our social impact initiatives please visit https://www.globalchinahouse.org/


human Development 

Community Development 

Our main areas of work include:​

  • Community beautification in urban slums

  • Water and sanitation projects in East Africa and Asia

  • Indigenous people’s rights in Indonesia and South America

  • Improving refugee living conditions in Kenya



Our main areas of work include:

  • Women’s financial inclusion

  • Anti-Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) support for girls

  • Women’s empowerment through social innovation

  • Combating period poverty and stigmatization

  • Resistance and protection against gender violence

Child Protection

Our main areas of work include:

  • Education for children with special needs

  • Anti-child marriage

  • Anti-human trafficking

  • safeguarding primary education for children in poverty 

Environmental Conservation

Rainforest conservation 
  1. Wildlife conservation: colobus monkey, rhino, elephant, lion, orangutan

  2. Marine life conservation: shark, sea turtle, barrier reefs - coral

  3. Forest conservation: Amazon; South East Asia rainforest

Sustainable BRI


China's Global Impact 

  • Overseas Chinese business’s corporate social responsibility to the local community

  • Overseas Chinese business’s socio-environmental impacts

China Global Perception 

  • How are overseas Chinese perceived by local communities? 

  • Overseas Chinese community relations

China Global Dialogue

  • Who are the overseas Chinese, and what are their roles in BRI?

  • BRI in relation to the global sustainable development agenda 

Our Impacts


China House 

China House is an independent educational social enterprise that aims to further integrate China into global sustainable development efforts through youth engagement. 

Email: info@chinagoingout.org

Phone: +86 13661810667

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