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Since 2014, China House has taken hundreds of Chinese teenagers to Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia for research. In the process, these teenagers are trying to figure out how to solve social and environmental problems, how to make the planet more sustainable, and in the process, they are also learning and growing. We have three main initiatives, Wildlife Conservation, Human Development, and Sustainable Belt and Road. For each initiative, we offer both in-field and online Project-Based Learning (PBL) programs. Students will start with desk research and interview experts and organizations in the field, as well as the general public. After seeking answers to the question they proposed, students will present their findings through writing articles, making documentaries, holding related workshops, etc., to broaden their impact.

Why China house


Academic Rigor 

Alumni Success 

Result Based 

For highschool students 
Group Students Smilling
  • Open your eyes to a wider world through tailored multicultural learning experiences.

  • Develop your unique story and your project outcome will help you build an impressive college application.

  • You will also receive participation certificates and a valuable letter of recommendation from your program instructors.

  • Contribute to your personal development by helping you explore your interests and build your character.

Why China House >

For undergraduate and graduate students 
Graduation Ceremony
  • Conduct in-depth field research to further explore your areas of interest and enhance your academic and professional skill sets.

  • Boost your academic record and spice up your grade-school application by having the opportunity to publish your work in renowned international journals and present your work at international academic conferences.

  • Gain amazing networking opportunities for your future career.

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For educators 
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  • Are you a guidance counselor who wants the best college admission result for your students? You can encourage your students to join our program for a unique learning experience and further boost their profiles. 

  • Are you a teacher wanting to make learning fun for your students beyond the classroom? Do you want to inspire your students to become global citizens who care about international affairs? You can encourage your students to join our PBL programs, or you can go with them too (for free!).

Why China House >

Why for everyone


Program Approach


Our programs are not typical study abroad programs. China House’s dynamic project-based learning (PBL) approach distinguishes us from others. PBL is the embodiment of

1) academic rigor  
2) inter-disciplinary study
3) student-centered design


Through PBL, students can immerse themselves in an in-depth exploration of real-world problems and actively seek out solutions.

Our programs not only empower young people to see the world but also engage them in social impact and global sustainable development efforts through research and other means.

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Program outcome 



Our students have published research papers and essays in renowned international journals, as well as presented their work at international academic conferences.



Photography exhibitions

Published book of travel stories  Hand drawn postcards

Art works



Online fundraising

Online shops selling African artifacts

 Social enterprise projects

Charity events

If you know what you want

Admission open for spring and summer 2021


If you could use some help finding the perfect program

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